Annex farewell rainbow

Today, June 30, 2014, will be the last day in the life of Annex. A 36-year old part of my body and soul will transition into the Spirit world at sunset this evening. Elizabeth and I hope to be atop Haleakala (volcano) to say our final farewells with a sunset ceremony.

The Annex farewell will be both a rhapsody (ecstasy) and a eulogy (agony). Like life itself.

“No pain, no gain,” goes and old saw. But that’s only half the glass… the empty half. The other half, the full half, contains joy, elation, gratitude, compassion… the many uplifting emotions I experienced during Annex’s cohabitation in my body for over 36 years.

In the end, we learn that there are no “positive” or “negative” experiences. Only lessons. We learn as much from our mistakes as we do from successes. So thank you, Annex, for that lesson, too.

Who is this Annex?

Actually, a better question would be “what” rather than “who.”Bob 1981

For those who may not be familiar with my business and entrepreneurial side, Annex is the name of the company I founded on May 15, 1978, after I left IBM. The company was named after my firstborn daughter (see Annex’s 33rd birthday story, May 2011).  So today, Annex is a little over 36 years old. Add to it my 8 years with IBM, and you can see that my business and entrepreneurial education has lasted over 44 years so far.

Annex used to be a big part of my life when I was younger. So many wonderful experiences. So many friends made all around the world. So many countries visited. So many mistakes made (and some corrected). So many successes enjoyed (and some lamented).

Now, well… Annex is now it is a fond memory. I will be neither happy nor sorry when the curtain drops on its earthly life at sunset tonight. Only grateful.

Five words come to mind as my final farewell message: “Thanks for the ride, Annex.” Without Annex’s funding, many other rewarding parts of my life would not have been possible.

But now it’s time to move on. No regrets of lamentations. What’s done is done.

Two Farewell Ceremonies

For those of you who don’t necessarily know that I am also a thrice-ordained shaman, musiciaWaimoku Falls 6-29-14n, music video and filmmaker and many other things that seem to have nothing to do with business, I should point out that the Spirit has guided me to do two farewell ceremonies. Elizabeth and I went on a four-mile pilgrimage yesterday at the majestic 400-foot Waimoku Falls (Maui, Hawaii). That’s where we did a Water and Earth farewell ceremony.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 8.19.58 PM

And this evening, I have been guided to go up to the 10,000-foot Haleakala volcano, on whose slopes our home also lies, and do a sunset Fire and Air ceremony.

So you see, as with all earthly sentient or inanimate beings, Annex has also consisted of the four basic elements. Each needs to be honored in the end.

As for the fifth elementAnnex farewell rainbow 6-30-14 – Ether – that part has already happened. A little over an hour ago.

The Spirit have already given me their Annex farewell gift. This morning, a little after 8 AM, right out of clear skies, suddenly a cloud formed that started to sprinkle the Spirit’s blessing on Annex, me and all those who have been touched by Annex over the last 36 years. That blessing came in the form of this magnificent rainbow (right).

Just to show you how our Spirit guides work with a shaman, it is almost always through non-verbal interactions. It is not telepathy. It is multidimensional communication. As one of my Spirit guides told me three years ago, “compared to this, telepathy is like using an old crank telephone.”

You see, we have had several very dry days around here. In fact, at the very moment this beautiful rainbow suddenly popped up, I was running sprinklers down in the gulch to water some shrubs and flowers we planted last weekend. So there was no doubt in my mind or soul that the beautiful rainbow was a way my Spirit guides joined me from the Ether element in our farewell ceremonies today.

(For those Doubting Thomases among you, which you are free to remain if you so choose, there have been many, many previous occasions on which similar things have occurred.

Thank you for your trust and support over these many years. Do not shed any tears over Annex’s transitioning. It has been a great ride and a privilege to share some of it with you.

CLICK HERE or on the image below to visit the ORIGINAL ANNEX WEB SITE


For Posterity: Annex in 1978

1978_2 ANNEX_78 (Annex at its first business show)


Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 8.19.58 PM 

Magical Rainbow

PS: Except for that brief misting around 8 AM, the rest of the day was sunny and dry. In fact, the seasonal Namaka Creek, which runs through the bottom of the Rainbow Shower (name of our property) gulch, dried up for the first time this morning. Which is why I was running the sprinklers down there at the time the magical Annex farewell rainbow showed up.  And I don’t think it lasted more than two minutes. Just enough time for me to FEEL (!) it was coming, grab the camera, and run to the lanai from where to take the picture.

* * *

Here’s now the first of the two videos about our Annex Farewell Ceremonies….


* * *


Sunsets don’t get better than that.  The Annex Farewell sunset the Spirit laid on for us last evening was nothing short of magical. We have now lived in Maui for over five years, but this was the first time the weather at the top of this volcano was clear enough for us to experience a real sunset. And what an experience it was!

For those of you who may not be aware, Haleakala in Hawaiian means “Home of the Sun.” This volcano is the Heart Chakra of planet Earth as well as her Fire (element) Vortex. So it was a perfect place for the final farewell to Annex (after having already done the Water/Earth Ceremony at Waimoku Falls the day before).

It was quite cold at that elevation (10,000 ft), especially as there a steady strong wind was blowing from the northeast. The wind precluded any acceptable sound quality of the live videos we made. But that’s where the studio editing comes in.

In time, I will edit and publish the videos of the ceremony Elizabeth and I did atop Haleakala (volcano) summit (elev. 10,o00 ft).  It included my playing “Amazing Grace” to Father Sun and the Spirit on my Hawaiian bamboo flute. And, at Elizabeth’s suggestion, we also toasted the Sun, the Spirit and all of you with a drink of “champagne” we brought from home (it was actually Martinelli’s sparkling cider bubbly).

So for now, these still shots of the ceremony taken from my videos will have to suffice…

Annex Research sunset moment 6-30-14

Annex Farewell Haleakala 1  Annex Farewell Haleakala 2




Bob Altzar Djurdjevic is a writer, musician, video maker, thrice-ordained Inca-shaman, geopolitical commentator, business analyst, playwright-producer... He is also founder of non-profit organizations Stewards of the Earth (https://www.facebook.com/groups/gaiastewards) and Truth in Media (https://www.facebook.com/groups/truthinmedia.org/) ALTZAR shares his time between Maui, Hawaii and Scottsdale, Arizona. You can follow his blog at http://djurdjevic.wordpress.com/ and his travelogues at https://yinyangbob.wordpress.com/). Bob had also worked as a business consultant and advisor to top executives of large multinational computer companies for 36 years (1978-2014). He had spent 8 years working for IBM prior to starting his own business in 1978.


  1. Don Anthony says:

    Thank you Annex and Bob for your years of exposing the likes of Lou Gerstner and Jack Welch, two of the pioneers and proponents of the great corporate pension heist of the 20th Century. It was through your works such as “The emperor wears no clothes” and countless other articles that helped expose the downright greed, shamelessness and despicable characteristics of these two and all who inevitably followed them in taking down the pension plans of this country as well as exposing many other disgraceful financial manipulations and including the outsourcing of the American work force which over the years has all but deleted our middle class. I will forever personally be grateful to you for the piece of mind and small ray of hope that you and a very few select others like Ellen Schultz (formally of the Wall Street Journal) gave us at IBM while we as employees tried to understand or find reason “why” as the robber barons of the 20th century were allowed to conquer our once great corporations.

    • ALTZAR says:

      That’s a very kind thing to say, Don. I am glad if I was able to shed some light on otherwise obscure boardroom antics at IBM and other corporate executive suites for you and others. Enjoy your retirement.

  2. ALTZAR says:

    From David Vellante: “Congrats on 36 years of success Bob!”

    Bob’s reply: “Thanks, David. Success… yes, but also failures. As you saw from my narrative, I have learned that we learn as much from the former as from the latter.

    It has been great knowing you David for a large part of this ride.”

    David’s reply: “In the words of one of my early mentors, Earl Nightingale…”Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal…”

    I’ve watched you progressively advance your point of view at Annex over the years and add value to your readers. You always did things your way. You wrote the narrative. If you didn’t like the way things were, you created situations that suited you.

    You didn’t wait for others to define you.

    That my friend is this observer’s definition of a success!





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